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paint for my spacial

Had a sneak look at how the paint job is getting on really pleased so far just have to be polished to finish

Looks fantastic, could you please tell me the paint code and manufacturer of the paint as I have been thinking about having my 401 painted in a dark or BRG.

Geoff is


Hi Geoff don't  know it as just gave the sprayer pic of what I wanted B R G same as a 2020 Mini 5 door Cooper metallic clear coat and left it to him as I am hopeless when it comes to colours ! Will find the code as I will need it I expect Keith 

Hi Keith,

Thanks for confirming the source of your colour choice, it works very well with the 401/403 shape, my 401 was originally Cambridge Grey, a very light metallic green and its not really my first choice as I prefer the darker colours that I think bring the lines of the car out better.



Collected the Bristol Special delivered to workshop for adding the bright bits and bumpers next stop trimmers