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Save the dates!!

Dear BODAologists

The Bristol Owners Heritage Trust  is delighted to announce two events for you in April 2019.

 Firstly our annual lecture day is being held at the Create Centre and Bristol City archives in Smeaton  Road, Bristol. This will be on the afternoon of Saturday, the 6th of April and for your delectation we will provide our usual exotic mix of lectures combined with some tantalising glimpses of rare  items from Archives.

 Secondly, on Tuesday April 9th Aerospace Bristol is organising a Concorde  to Concorde  cavalcade of Bristol cars and Bristol busses from Filton to Yeovilton,  to compare and contrast a fine pair of Concordes on this plane’s Anniversary. 

Again, more details to follow

 Please mark both the dates for your diary 

As ever, yours in Bristol

Stefan Cembrowicz