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sheik's 405DH

I purchased a short press article about a 1956 special order 405 DH, with accompanying photo, for the BOHT ( Heritage Trust ) in 2012. Gold paintwork and silver wheels! Must have been money no object - it was quite a sight. I have lost the photo but it is in the BOHT archive. The attachment gives the description.

Dave Dale

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Interesting, does the car still exist?

Must be nice to have deep pockets.

Pity about the photo. I would be quite something to see it.

You can find the photo in the new Bristol Aeroplane Co. book and also in the Setright tome "The Image". The BAC book states that he also had a 405 saloon but I couldn't find it listed in the chassis list although one did go to Damascus.

It is also in an article on the Swiss website Zwischengas  (double-declutch!). There are a lot of old Bristol pics in this article but you have to be registered to see them. 

I can send a copy of the Sheikh's 405DH photo from the Swiss website to your private email.


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