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v8 installation in 405 coupe

in italy the summer of '17 I saw a tv program unfortunately dubbed in italian about a place called, I think, London motors, in which a v8--couldn't tell whose make--was put in an early bristol coupe, with an incredible nest of exhaust pipes to enable an exit behind the front wheels.  where is this weird vehicle?

The car was an exhibit for a while in the London Motor Museum which I read closed last june or july , the museum was owned by Elo King who apparently owned all or nearly all the cars and other exhibits some of  which were heavily customised by a company he also ran, on the internet I am sure I have seen he is now based on the West Coast of the USA , still running a collector and  custom car business and presenting or co presenting one of the tv series that features these sort of vehicles.

Some of the surplus exhibits have been surfacing on eBay for sale but I have not seen the Bristol offered. It was a 406 or 407 which was modified and externally looked rather neat, I don't know what engine and gearbox they used and have never seen any interior shots of the car.


In this short video there are some shots of the car which was a 406. Also one photo.



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