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Various items for sale

We have received a request from Andrew Passer who is an ex-member of BODA, having sold his cars a few years ago. He has some bits left and would be grateful if we could advertise them for him. "Offers" please!

1) I have a complete set of the stainless steel strips that go along the side of a 409
2) Factory issue 409 wiring diagram
3) 407 Instruction manual in virtually as new condition, with binder
4) 409 instruction manual in good condition, also in binder but the binder is worn at edges and registration "XUR 888F" written on cover.
5) Bristol Cars and Engines, by LJK Setright in as new condition
6) Bristol Cars, a Brooklands Portfolio
7) Bristol Cars, Gold Portfolio 1946 - 1992
8) Bristol Owners Club publication 400 to Blenheim

The following do not have binders:
9) Original 407 and 409 workshop manual
10) Photocopy 408 Mk 11, 409 and 410 illustrated spares handbook
11) Photocopy 410 instruction manual
12) Original 410 instruction manual
13) Original 411 instruction manual with amendments.


0208 930 3983
07939 031 287

20 Sunningdale Close