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Zeni Keys or Lock with key.

I am looking for two Zeni keys a number 15 and a number 24, I have a few blanks so could copy and return, alternately I would be interested in purchasing a complete working lock assembly with key or a barrel with key, provided in the latter case the key has not been removed while the barrel is out of the lock.

Alternatively does anyone know a good locksmith who has been able to make keys for these locks where the original has been lost, any help will be much appreciated.



Should have replied a long time ago - apologies. Not sure if this will help - shortly after I acquired my 403 in 2015 I realised that the two Zeni keys would go in the lock but would not turn. Something had clearly become misplaced inside. I did some research and Wallsall locks still existed as a Company (they still do in 2019). so I phoned them up and was put on directly to the MD. He launched straight in and complained that he kept getting requests to fix Bristol door locks and didn't want to do any more. However, once he had calmed down he told me to put my lock and keys in the post. A couple of weeks later, the package came back, all fixed by one of his locksmiths, and a bill for 30 some pounds. I was well pleased! Don't know if he could or would help you Geoff, but maybe worth a try?



Thanks for that, I did read about Wallsall locks in CMM the autojumblers paper and when I contacted them I got the same response as you but did get the offer that they would try and help with the supply of blanks. I did not follow that up as a plan to call in and see fell by the wayside and I must admit that I had completely forgotten about them. Now I have managed to obtain some blank keys of the right size from a firm in Bristol I think I might take the locks off the cars and give Wallsall locks another try, perhaps calling in to see them.

A local engineer and friend of mine has one of my locks which he says he can  fix but with so much work on I don't when it will see the light of day, he has also told me he can alter the other two locks I have to work off the same key, its just a question of time and I'm getting older!




The Zeni locks are relatively simple to work on.  I made a sleeve to enable the barrel to be withdrawn relatively painlessly leaving the sleeve in place to retain the pins and springs in the outer unit.  It requires the correct key or a set of picks and a bit of experience.  I'm not the best person to help with the latter...

I'm not sure how advisable it is to post details of the locks on a readily accessible forum so I suggest if any members need help they get in touch with me directly.


I wish I had made a sleeve up when removing the barrel, mistake number one, mistake number two was removing the key. I have an engineer friend who assures me he can sort all this out and is half way there on one lock. The problem is I have two other, possibly three locks which need sorting and a small number of original blanks which I am simply not prepared to give to any locksmith who thinks they can do it.

I need to find someone who has worked on these locks, can fix any of the problems and make a key to the lock when there is no key to copy. My engineering friend intends to make the lock fit the key.

I also have to get this sorted before Christmas as it holding up the refitting of a car I may have to offer for sale due to too many projects.

I know I am not alone with this problem but I suppose the small numbers of the 401/403's produced and surviving does not make it worth while anyone engineering an alternative which is a pity.


If you still have all the parts I can lend you the sleeve.  You will need to sort the brass pins to find the correct ones to fit in the detents on the key and end up flush with the barrel.  You should then be left with the same number of pins to fit in the lock outer.  The length of each pair should be the same, so remove pins from the barrel and arrange left to right on the bench.  Find the complimentary lengths to make pairs that have the same total length.

Next is the really tricky bit.  First a spring and then the outer pin needs to be placed in the end hole of the lock outer and pushed in while the sleeve is pushed over to retain.  Continue until all are in place.  Fit pins to the barrel and hold in place while fitting onto the sleeve.  Slide sleeve through the outer until the barrel is in place.  Rotate and remove key.

That's the theory.  In practise there will be little bits of brass pinging all over the place but with good glasses and a bit of determination it should be possible.


Thanks very much for the offer of the loan of the sleeve I may well take you up on that, my friend is a bit closer of fixing my first lock but we have got totally sidetracked by other issues, not least which has been an engine and gearbox transfer between two 401's, also having to think about sorting out a sagging passenger door or one of them which my painter is nagging me about before he starts work. I don't like his proposed solution to cut the B post and pull it down as I am sure it will distort the roof and rain gutter.  I have bought new pins and bushes from Bristol Cars as hope that will resolve the situation.


Would anyone have a Zeni lock barrel or indeed a whole driver's side lock for sale? With or without keys.