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Rubber trim Pics

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Hi Richard, 

All of the information is gratefully received.  Thank you for going to the trouble of obtaining it for me.  I will certainly try the various options that you have highlighted for obtaining the door seals.  

Clearly, from your photos the door "kick" panels are the original ones fitted by Bristol.  I have a pair for the passenger side to hand, but having read a reference to wood on a copied page from the 405 manual that I have, I believed that they should be made of wood.  I had wrongly assumed that the two panels I had were made up by a previous owner.  The factory pictures you posted also prove that they are original. 

I am currently attempting to make up the double weatherstrip  pieces that Bristol used for the door window outers.  Mine have virtually disappeared. 

Your help has moved me forward nicely,

Thank you and kind regards, Peter


Quote from Keith Ardley on 18 June 2020, 11:00

Hi one and all have a couple of reprinted workshop manuals for the 401 but none of them seem to show any thing regarding body rubbers or fittings is there any one that may have one that has and can copy the page for me pleas I  need to renew most of the rubber parts have found bumper trim ok plus window front ok  Need bonnet bump  stops + Rubber. ? boot rubber and      door rubbers    Any thoughts on these parts  thanks Keith Ardley 

Keith, here is the seals information from my service manual. I'm a bit behind you with my 403 restoration but will be looking at seals before too long.


Mike Brooks

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Pleas don’t take this the wrong way I think my  original post was for rubber picks for the 401 ? Surely there mist be a list printed sum where ?  

Not sure what you mean Keith. The attachment I posted shows the profile and quantities for each moulding. Even pictures are no use without dimensions. Your best start is to use the information I have posted to ask BODA paerts people what they have. Anything they don't have, I could take measurements of the old seal scrap pieces I have kept and let you have them. But for me to take measurements of every piece would take too long

Sorry for confusion on my part not to good with this tech just noticed the link to pics just what I needed thanks just now got to try to work out how to download and print from my I pad thanks again Keith 

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