Bullet coupe?

Interest in the Bullet from the motoring press and online has been worldwide. This is a different viewpoint which members may find interesting. There are 2 photographs from different angles.


Dave Dale.

Bristols superior?


This is in this week’s Country Life magazine. From Michael Barton.

Article from Germany

Members may be interested in a description of the evolution of the post-war Bristol car company from the viewpoint of a German writer, presumably a motoring journalist.


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400 Farina

For anyone unaware of the 400 Farina to be sold at auction in Monaco on 14th. May, this USA magazine review of might be of interest.


Further literature and some very nice photographs are to be found on the RM website


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How many survived?

Members may be interested to see the supposed survival rate ( in the UK only ) of the models of Bristols. I don’t know how accurate these figures are. In any case, the numbers are only up until 2014 and only show cars registered with the DVLA. Not mentioned on this website is the fact that these numbers also do not take into account any cars which are neither taxed nor on SORN ( cars which were taken off the road and last taxed before 31 January 1998 do not have to have a SORN if not subsequently put back on the road. There might be a few ‘ barn finds ‘ in this category ). The 402 is not deemed worthy of an entry.

At the bottom left hand side of the page for some of the models is a review, for what it is worth. The review shows a specification sheet and also the numbers produced. Some reviews are combined e.g. 401 and 403, 412 and Beaufighter, 603 and Britannia.

The website also shows the survival rate of many other marques.


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10% ethanol

This article describes the effects of fuel containing 10% ethanol on classic MG’s in USA. There is a plan to introduce 10% ethanol into the UK ( and probably elsewhere ), so Bristol owners might be interested to read this article. The comforting news is that the UK government has assured the FBHVC that fuel companies will be required, when the industry moves to 10% ethanol in the UK, to continue to supply a ‘ protection grade ‘ for heritage vehicles of fuel containing no more than 5% ethanol. We all know that we can trust, without question, our politicians to keep their promises – so no problem then!


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Bristol stuff

Two titbits about the new Bristols.



and an article with video starring Nick McGarvey’s Fighter.


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For members who can’t get enough of photographs of Bristol cars, two web pages have surfaced:

Random photos of cars – is yours there?


If you have, or have an interest in, a Fighter interior!


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