Parts required:

  • Diaphragm assembly MGB part GCC 118.
  • Clutch plate Triumph 2500.
  • Ball thrust race is MGB106HD.
  • The dowel pins in the Bristol flywheel do not match those on the diaphragm assembly. One of the original dowels should be removed, clutch plate offered up secured with the bolts. This should be undertaken with care as a poorly positioned plate will leave the assembly out of balance.
  • The two new dowel holes should be drilled, and new dowels turned and fitted with Loctite or similar.
  • The thrust race is of the ball bearing type as the diaphragm clutch does not have a full bearing face to accept a carbon thrust.
  • The diaphragm clutch is slimmer so that the pivot for the actuating lever must be moved by 12 mm.
  • A block can be obtained along with a longer set screw from Bill Lawson at BODA spares.

This process is easier to do than to explain.

Bill Lawson