Windscreens and seals for 408/9/10/11

Mobile Windscreens Bristol who trade under the name of National Windscreens at Bristol can supply windscreens.  The manager there is Mike Ackerman (, tel 0117-3042000. They have in stock heated and normal 411 screens.  He states that these fit 408/9/10/11.  He will supply and pack a screen for you but requires you to sort out the carrier.

The rubber seals are stocked by Bristol Cars Services who say that seals cover 408/9/10/11. Graeme Payne (mob 07787-138079) is the contact there and confirms that all are covered.

The other company who may have everything is American Cars Care Services Ltd, owner Martin Barnes (mob 07769-906525) . He has some 408 screens in stock and states that 408/9/10 all have the same screen but the 411 is different.

Wheel Bearings


Manufacturers do not want to make replacement from other sources that easy, regularly mixing two standard bearings into one assembly, although I doubt that Bristols went this far.

Take off one complete set of bearings (2 sets of bearings per hub; the inner bearing is usually larger than the outer; both will be tapered roller bearings) and find yourself a local  machine tool service company.   Take your bearings in and they will measure them while you wait (about 5 minutes).  There are 3 grades of bearings used classed  A, B and C.  The tolerances in manufacture are, of course, extremely tight so they employ an automatic grading system – A being the best and that’s what you want.  C are the poorest and probably go into washing machines and the like.   I think the classification system may have changed possibly 1 – 3.  If the numbers on the bearings are visible you should be able to quote these to any bearing company and avoid the need to go to a machine tool service company.

Valid at time of writing in October 2016:

There are a number of good bearing suppliers eg Seager Bearings, Kings Heath, Birmingham (0121 444 5391) who will supply at trade prices.

Door boot seals & draught excluder

Please find contact details of the Furflex/draught excluder supplier:-

William Marston Ltd
70 Fazeley Street
B5 5RD

Tel: 0044 121 643 0852 or 0044 121 643 0372


The boot seals can possibly be obtained from:-

Phoenix Supplies
Unit c1a Langlands Business Park
Devon EX15 3D4
Contacts: Nigel or Kaye Coles

Tel: 0044 1884 849294


or –

Woolies (I & C Woolstenholmes Ltd)
Whitley Way
Northfields Industrial Estate
Market Deeping

Tel: 01778 347347


Both of these companies carry a large range of extruded sections and just may be able to help with boot and door sections.

408/ 409 Tail Lights

The 408 -409 tail lights are Lucas model L694 and are also found on the Hillman Minx and Sunbeam Tiger.

408 Reversing lights

The reversing lights of the 408/ 409 are Lucas Model L595 and were fitted to Jaguar Mk 1 and E-types.

408/ 409 Indicator Lights

The indicator lights on the 408 are Lucas Model L58A and were originally fitted to MG Midgets and Triumph Heralds.


Car Audio – New world tech, old world charm

The age old question for classic car owners is whether to fit a modern audio system that pleases the ear or a period radio that pleases the eye.  Stuart Risebrow has attempted to “have his cake and eat it” by fitting a modern audio system with period looks.

v8 parts-4


This unit, manufactured by “Retrosound”, a USA company, was found to be perfect for the job.  You have a range of period bezels and knobs to choose from that replicate the look of classic radios such as radio mobile and Phillips.  However,  the two rotating switches are detachable, allowing bespoke placement as well.

You will see that Stuart chose to make up a plywood insert to fit the mounting whole in the dash which he then veneered himself in walnut before adding a polished lacquer finish.

The “Retrosound” radio also comes with a small auxiliary unit that is wired to the rear of the radio and located remotely.  This allows you to plug in an SD memory card, USB storage device or 3.5mm audio jack.  The SD card allows you to store 1000’s of songs which is perfect for all those 60’s hits and Glen Miller tracks!  Stuart placed my remote unit just inside the glove box.  You would hardly know it was there.

The radio itself has an inbuilt amp that provides plenty of “oomph” and has all the expected outputs for larger amps, aux players or an electric ariel.




Classic Car Keys

This company can supply any of the Bristol key patterns, either as a duplicate or to a code.  The code can be found on the barrel of the lock.  This does entail removing the barrel from the lock.

Wilco Direct

Unit D1/D2, Pinetrees Road, Pinetrees Business Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 9BB


Classic car key page at time of writing

Email address

Smiths Car Heater

While not specific to any particular vehicle, the information contained in the link below seems to cover the early V8 Bristols but may apply also to the 6 cyls. It is included so that members may get a better understanding of how things work, and we thank Per Blomquist for sending it in.



408 miscelaneous parts suppliers


Bristol Part No Jaguar Part No Other Part No Part description Source
404-1-23049 N/A SKF 30304J2/Q Outer bearing -stub axle Bearing King
N721009 N/A SKF 32206J2/Q Inner bearing -stub axle Bearing King
907-1-23175 N/A MFC TC 1.750 2.750 0.375 1 Hub seal TOP Hinckley
407-1-23168 CAC9938X N/A Upper Ball Joint David Manners – CAC9938
907-1-23170 10821 Dunlop VBO 5138/L Brake pads(Dunlop calipers) David Manners – 10821
? 8522 N/A Handbrake pads (Dunlop) David Manners – 8522
407-1-23134 C29979 N/A Rebound stop David Manners – C17172
? 148876J N/A Voltage stabiliser for minor gauges David Manners – 148876J
907-1-63032 JLM9552 Lucas 35020 Flasher unit David Manners – JLM9552
907-1-68004 C24158 Lucas 33209B Ignition relay David Manners – C24158
907-1-68010 C26651 Lucas 33232A (6RA) Cooling Fan relay David Manners – C26651
908-1-68014 C26651 Lucas 33250A Heated Rear Window relay David Manners – C26651
907-1-63063 C26651 Lucas 33188B Horn relay David Manners – C26651
? N/A Lucas DLB102 Igniton coil Lucas DLB102 Auto Electrical Supplies Ltd,         Part No 060711
? N/A Lucas 060703 Ballast resistor 1.6 Ohms Auto Electrical Supplies Ltd, Part No 060703
907-1-63023 N/A Lucas 31788 Heater,Side/headlight switch OFF-ON-ON Holden – Part No 31837
N/A N/A Lucas 153601 Chromed sleeve Bezel for panel switch mounting Not currently available
907-1-63067 N/A Lucas 31800 Floor mounted Dip Switch Holden – 31800 (BMC J4 Van)
907-1-63024 N/A Lucas 31828A Petrol Reserve,Rooflight,Fog lamp switch, OFF-ON Holden – SPB200
908-1-68021 N/A Lucas 54330378 Fan Hold Pull Switch  OFF-ON Holden – 020.316
910-1-68045   Lucas 35633 Hazard warning switch Holden – 33888               Holden – 397511
  Holden Vintage & Classic Ltd, Linton Trading Estate,Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4QT.  T 01885 488488  Fax 01885 488889    Website – Order On-line Bearing King Unit 5 Stonerow Way Parkgate Rotherham S60 1SG Transmission of Power (TOP) Unit 37 Workshops Sketchley Meadows Industrial Estate, Hinckley  01455 616606/616538  Auto Electric Supplies Limited, Granville House, 11 Cross Street, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8EF, UK T 01584 819552 Fax  01584 819355 email: David Manners Ltd          991Wolverhampton Road   Oldbury                  Birmingham B69 4RJ              T 0121544 4040                                   Fax  0121 544 5558